HCG Rx+ Weight Loss Intervention

There are two lengths of programs to choose from based on the amount of weight you want to lose. Each program offers a comprehensive array of services to help assure your weight loss success. Both programs currently cost $795 plus the prescription HCG that you will pay directly to the pharmacy. The chart below is an easy reference point to help you assess which program is right for you.

What’s Included:

The program lasts for 23 -42 days, depending on the desired outcome.

23-day program is for <20 lbs
42-day program is for <40 days
Riordan Clinic HCG Rx+ Guide Book Included
Riordan Clinic HCG Rx+ Journal Included
Includes: Metabolic Panel (CMP and CBC), RBC Magnesium, Lipid Panel, CRP, Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Vitamin D3
Laboratory Blood Work reviewed by a Doctor/Nurse Educator Included
*Prescription HCG (Nasal Spray, Sublingual Drops, Oral Tablets, Injections) Prescription
(Additional charge
that you will pay the
pharmacy directly.)
23 – 42 days
Doctor/Nurse Educator Appt.
(BIA, Weigh, Measure, Vitals, Counsel)
Sublingual Vitamin B12 25 – 42 days
Vitamin Pack
(MitoForm, Chelated Magnesium, D 5,000 IUs, and Probiotic Complete)
60 day supply

HCG Program Cost


Additional Sessions: For more information please ask the scheduling desk.
*All HCG products are an additional cost that will be prescribed to a local pharmacy and you will pay them directly.

Following is an explanation of each component included in the HCG Rx+ Weight Loss Program:

  • HCG Rx+ Guide Book: This book is a comprehensive guide to the program. It provides information on each phase of the program and offers helpful tips. The guide is an invaluable tool to help you achieve weight loss success.
  • HCG Rx+ Journal: You will update your “journal” daily to record your weight and food and beverage intake. It acts as an important “accountability partner” to celebrate daily success. When you see your weight going down daily it’s a great motivating tool as well. You’ll bring your journal with you to your meetings with the Doctor/Nurse Educator.
  • HCG Blood Work (Fasting): In order to help assess your current health status the program includes a fasting blood draw. The tests included are:  Metabolic Panel (CMP and CBC), RBC Magnesium, Lipid Panel, CRP, Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Vitamin D3. You will need to make an appointment to have your blood drawn when you sign up for the program. The draw will take less than 15 minutes, so you’ll be in/out quickly. The test is FASTING, meaning you should have only water in the 12 hours prior to the test. Due to this fact, it’s recommended you make your draw appointment in the morning.
  • Follow Up Appointment: During your first follow up meeting with the Doctor/Provider you will review your laboratory results and discuss your general health, any abnormalities in your blood work and if there are any potential risks for you in proceeding forward with the weight-loss program.
  • Prescription HCG: You can choose from four prescription HCG delivery systems: nasal spray, sublingual drops, oral tablets and injections. We offer the delivery-system options to accommodate personal preference; choose the delivery method that best suits your needs. The type of delivery system you use will not impact your weight-loss success. Do not begin taking the HCG until you see the Doctor/Nurse Educator. The Doctor/Nurse Educator will provide instructions specific to the delivery method you choose. Regardless of the delivery method, you should take your prescription HCG in the morning, during specified days of the program. It is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything 15 minutes before/after you take the HCG. The HCG helps your body to access and burn problematic visceral fat, while at the same time helps to abate feelings of hunger. Because the HCG is a prescription it will be an additional charge that you will pay to the pharmacy directly when picking up.
  • Sublingual Vitamin B12: You will receive sublingual vitamin B12 to take during specified days of the program. Do not begin taking the Vitamin B12 or HCG until you see the Doctor/Nurse Educator. It is recommended you take the B12 at the same time as the HCG and that you don’t eat or drink anything 15 minutes before/after. Vitamin B12 helps with cell metabolism and assists in maximizing your weight loss success.
  • Vitamins: You will receive a  bottle of Riordan Clinic’s MitoForm, Chelated Magnesium, D3 5,000 IUs, and Probiotic Complete, along with instructions on dosage and daily use.

What program is right for me?

If you need to lose fewer than 20 pounds the Short program is ideal for you. (23 days HCG/45 days maintenance)
If you need to lose more than 20 pounds the Long program is ideal for you. (40 days HCG/45 days maintenance)

Weight loss Phases

Once you complete the program, if you feel you have more weight to lose, you can simply enroll for another session. The program is broken down into four specific sections that are designed to optimize your weight loss success.

  • Loading Phase – On days 1 – 2 you take the prescription HCG and vitamins and you “load” calories to rev-up your metabolism. Ideally, your diet for these two days should be high fat and high calorie. Enjoy!
  • Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) Phase – For the next 21 or 38 days, depending on which program you chose, you follow a specific and regimented VLCD. Additionally, you take the prescription HCG and vitamins. It is important during this period that you adhere strictly to the diet to maximize your weight loss success.
  • Transition Phase – For this 3-day phase of the diet you continue with the VLCD but do NOT take the prescription HCG. This time is allowing your body to prepare for the maintenance phase of the program.
  • Lifestyle Renewal Phase – This is the most critical phase of the diet! During this 42 day timeframe, you will begin factoring foods back into your diet in two-week intervals. If you go back to your old eating habits the weight will come back! It’s important that you’re as committed to the Lifestyle Renewal portion of the diet as you were to the VLCD phase.

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