Executive Experience

You can’t run a business without knowing the numbers so why would you try to manage your health without measuring the appropriate data as well?

Who would benefit from this program?

Busy executives or professionals who are trying to:

Maintain wellness Improve poor focus and memory Minimize “sick days”
Increase energy Alleviate digestive complaints Increase brain function
Ward off germs from travel Relieve headaches Deal with Depression or Anxiety
Combat asthma and allergies Overcome sleep issues and insomnia Maintain (or achieve) Real Health

 Sample Appointment Day:

The Executive Experience takes up to one day and includes the items listed below.

Check-In Process

Executives start in Dome 1 by checking in at reception. At this time you will turn in new patient forms as well as relevant medical records. A patient care specialist will then greet you and take you to your lab draw and first appointment.

Executive Lab Panel

All executives receive the full Real Health Discovery Panel of lab tests as well as an Executive Lab Panel that will detect nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and screen for other major health issues. Blood is drawn by our experienced phlebotomists and tests are performed through the convenience of our onsite Bio-Center Lab.

Expert Assessment

As experts in integrative and nutritional approaches to wellness, our doctors will devote the time necessary to review your health history, discuss your health concerns, and work with you to define your personal health goals and long term plan towards Real Health.

Nurse Consult

Executives will talk with a nurse who will review the lab work, IV nutrition and other services suggested by the doctor. This is an opportunity to ask any questions or clarify any concerns while still on campus. Executives are always welcome to contact Riordan Clinic staff with questions in between appointments as well.

IV Nutrition and Clinic Services

IV treatment program will vary based on your assessment. Executives will likely receive an IV of Vitamin C (IVC) (up to 50 grams) to build immunity and increase energy, a treatment of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) to boost your bodies’ natural infection control, and/or a Glutathione Push which helps with detoxification.

  • “Dosage matters (like with all drugs/supplements) … For over two decades I’ve received an IV [Vitamin C] of 50 grams every six to eight weeks. Here’s an article I wrote on the executive health benefits of this potent master controller.” Verne Harnish (International speaker, author and business executive)

Executives Also Receive:

Executive Reporting

After your visit one of our staff members will compile all of your lab test results, doctors’ notes, history of care while at Riordan Clinic as well as supplemental resources and will send to you directly via electronic file or flash drive.

Follow-Up Program:

Your company wasn’t built overnight. All great things take time and effort and the Executive Experience may very well be the beginning of a journey towards Real Health. Over the next year you will have access to the Riordan Clinic doctors and team through follow-up appointments (via phone or video conferencing) to review lab work and further establish your treatment plan. One year from now you will return to repeat this initial process and compare your progress with your doctor.

Program Cost

The Executive Experience is approximately $4,995. This covers the initial appointment, nurse consult, IVC nutrition and clinic services, Real Health Discovery Lab Profile, Executive Lab Profile and a follow up appointment with your provider to review labs. The follow up program is charged separately.


If you are interested in becoming a patient at Riordan Clinic please contact our Executive Coordinator, Chris Brannon RN, BSN, at 316.927.4785 or email cbrannon@riordanclinic.org.