Could it be a Tongue Tie and Lip Tie?

Neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, Crooked Teeth, Breastfeeding Issues and Sleep Apnea: Could it be a Tongue Tie and Lip Tie?

Speakers: Dr Stephen Fetzik and Katrina Patrick | Wed, August 15th | 12pm – 1pm | Wichita | FREE

Many people today feel frustrated with their dental health. There is an increasing incidence of TMJ dysfunction, neck pain, sleep apnea, and the need for orthodontic work. People are paying out-of-pocket for expensive root canals, dentures, braces, and oral surgery. Mothers are having difficulty with their babies’ breastfeeding, sensory issues, colic, reflux, and developmental disorders. What if all of these things could be connected back to a tongue tie and/or lip tie? This condition is underdiagnosed not only in babies and children but in adults as well. Dr. Stephen Fetzik, DMD, and Katrina Patrick, Craniosacral Fascial Technique Therapist, from Fetzik Dentistry will be explaining what exactly a tongue tie is and why it doesn’t just affect babies. They will share their wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and explain how it could be one of the root causes of a lot of dental issues.

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